Daniel Hirtz Presents

A 2-day retreat at the Empathy Center in Santa Barbara,

September 20th – 22nd, 2024

Welcome to “Living Oneness”:
A Transformative 2-Day Journey!

Experience the synergistic power of
Breath, Music, and Energy work.

We will breathe together, move together, sing together, drum together, meditate together and explore our individual and our collective energies together.

We will immerse ourselves in an unforgettable experience of wholeness and connection.

Join us for “Living Oneness,” a profound in-person event where conscious breathing, communal music-making, and energy work converge to create a harmonious tapestry of deep transformation.

The 2-day immersion is designed to help us develop resilience and inner agency in these times
of unpredictability, constant change and increased disconnection

“Our times are asking us to become better humans… more empathic, more open, and more authentic. This retreat will charge your batteries, transform what holds you back,
and open you up to a bigger view of yourself.”

The practice of cultivating a sense of oneness within oneself, with others and the world increases our joy, equanimity and peace. It also can bring answers how to meet needs that are often unmet in our modern world.

This retreat is for you if you want to:

  • Recharge and rejuvenate your spirit: Escape from feelings of drain and exhaustion with our revitalizing retreats.
  • Rediscover the joy of connection: Break free from isolation and embrace genuine affection and intimacy in a supportive community atmosphere.
  • Cultivate meaningful relationships: Forge lasting bonds and find companionship with like-minded individuals seeking authentic connections.
  • Spark inspiration: Ignite your passion and creativity in an environment designed to inspire and invigorate.
  • Find your path to purpose: Explore deeper meanings and discover fulfillment through transformative experiences that align with your values.
  • Connect to something greater: Awaken your sense of belonging and find solace in a community that fosters spiritual growth and understanding.
  • Empower your financial future: Gain peace of mind and security with resources and support to alleviate financial anxieties and build a stable foundation.
  • Feel secure and supported: Create a sanctuary of stability and predictability where you can thrive and feel protected.

What is Living Oneness?

Living Oneness embodies a profound shift of perception that I’ve explored for decades, inspired by experiences that defy conventional explanations. Initially, it seemed abstract and impractical, until I found a more tangible approach.

Practical Oneness:
Making Oneness Personal.

Consider this: Are there two natures? Can you divide the air we breathe? The water that sustains us? The world we inhabit? Contemplating these questions reveals that the divisions we perceive are largely of our own making.

The deeper we delve into what living oneness means the more we discover an energy that radiates from the oneness that holds everything together. It is the living, radiating, warm center of life in us that fills the spaces we open with love when we integrate our tensions, trauma, and pain. This event aims to initiate and immerse you into this field of bliss, warmth, and hope. As individuals, it manifests as a sense of wholeness that can heal internal divisions.

Collectively we feel Oneness as a dynamic energy that flows between us – a felt presence of direct experience and a deep feeling of connectedness that increases the energy flow within us. It is a form of connection that supports the healing and actualization of the individuals that are connected. It is the ultimate form of peacemaking.

Living oneness is an adaptive response to the multi-crisis we are facing which easily leads to anxiety, denial, and depression. Through access to a deep feeling of peace and interconnectedness, we activate our inner agency and creativity along with the sense that every one of us matters.

Join us in making oneness personal, envisioning a future where each individual is valued as a unique part of the tapestry of life.

Warm regards,
Daniel Hirtz

On Saturday, September 21st, is the United Nations International Day of Peace. We will be participating and contributing to the energy of this worldwide event!

From the early two thousand up to 2017 over 15 years, Daniel recorded 220 people from 22 countries. He recorded each of them individually because our breath is something deeply personal.

After asking them to contribute the sound of their breathing to this peace project they spent fifteen minutes in a guided meditation in which they breathed in 9 different rhythms and sang one tone.

Here is track one from the album Daniel completed in 2019:

Listening for Peace - Breathe for Peace

by Daniel Hirtz | The Sound of Oneness

What to Expect:

Conscious Breathing Immersion

Discover the power of conscious breathing as a gateway to inner peace and harmony. Through guided breathwork sessions release tension, expand awareness, and tap into the depths of your being.

Through the conscious practice of various breathing patterns and fundamental realizations about the nature of our breath, build a friendship with your breath that will last a lifetime.

Expand your awareness as you explore different breathing techniques designed to quiet the mind, center the body, and connect with the essence of your being.

Whether you are seeking relief from anxiety, seeking clarity, or simply longing to deepen your connection to yourself, our conscious breathing immersion offers a safe and supportive space for exploration and growth.

Holistic Tuning: the Synergy of Breath and Music

Together we will take it from the individual to collective healing by breathing together bridging together breath and music to unlock the power of our collective energy field; the whole is more than the sum of its parts:

  • Synchronized Rhythmic Breathing to attune and build our collective field.
  • Breath and Movement to tune our dimensions and expand our awareness into the subtleties of our body – up, down / bilateral left, right / front, back.
  • Designed sequencing of breath patterns, gentle breath holding, and deep relaxation that leads to a unification of self-perception and a deep sense of wholeness.

Music for the People –
Communal Music Making

Feel the rhythm of unity as we come together to create music as one. From drum circles to collaborative free song sessions, experience the joy and deep connection through making music with like-minded souls. 

Discover how “Natural Music” differs from traditional music education. This form of music is a dimension of life as important as language. It is the language in which everybody can speak at the same time. This kind of music is still found in indigenous communities around the world, and it serves to bring the community together and use the energy generated to help us handle the challenges of our individual lives. Reclaim the power of music and make it accessible to everyone. 

Our 100% inclusive method of creating music, rooted in empathy, mutuality, and the inherent nature of music, enables us to connect and foster a profound sense of community.

Experience the Transformative Power of Music

  • Healing and Releasing: Music has the power to heal and attune our bodies, releasing tension, stress, and trauma.
  • Expanding Perception: Music opens our perception to the mystical and ecstatic, enhancing our spiritual connection.
  • Peacemaking Practice: Music serves as a powerful tool for peacemaking, fostering understanding and harmony.
  • Community and Belonging: Making music together creates a sense of community, friendship, and belonging.
  • Unique Expression: Music invites us to embrace and express our individuality freely.

The Energy Connection

Journey into the subtle realms of energy and healing through expert-guided sessions. Explore practices designed to realign and rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit, unlocking new pathways for personal growth and self-discovery. Dive deep into topics:

  • understanding life energy,
  • creating inner maps, and
  • using energy for mental, emotional, and physical healing.

With the guidance of Daniel, you’ll learn how to ground your consciousness, relate to your body and mind, and envision your future self with clarity and purpose.

Topics that guide the energy work of the retreat:

What do we mean by life energy?

We need more life energy than ever before

Creating an inner map

Essential orientation points in the inner world

Root your consciousness

Relating to your body and your mind

Using life energy for mental, emotional, and physical healing

Looking into the future – feeling into my future self

Why Attend “Living Oneness”?

Transformative Experience:

Immerse yourself in a journey of self-discovery and transformation, where every breath, every note of music, and every energy exchange leads to profound insights and personal growth.

Community Connection:

Forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals who share your passion for living in harmony with yourself and others. Experience the power of community as we come together to support and uplift each other on our journey towards oneness.

Expert Guidance:

Benefit from the wisdom and guidance of Daniel Hirtz, a seasoned seminar leader with over four decades of experience. With his compassionate and empowering approach, Daniel creates a safe and supportive space for participants to explore, learn, and grow.


Jonathan Siesel

“Daniel is an authentic, world renown drummer and healer who has spent time with the Bambukah Community, and many communities around the world helping with spiritual growth and dedicating himself to the greater cause of humanity. He has helped people around the world through rhythm and breathwork to become their truest selves. I give him 5 stars and recommend spending quality time with this guru and considering yourself lucky to have the opportunity to do so. Blessings to you Daniel.”

Nancy Grace Rosen

“I have known Daniel for close to thirty years now. I have experienced firsthand his dedication, passion, and commitment to inspiring people with breath, community, drumming, and celebrating being alive and one with fire and sound. He’s offered breathing circles in Europe as well as the US.

His ability to tune into people and facilitate a deeper inner awareness as well as open people to being and feeling more connected and one with each other. He and I have co facilitated several groups together over the years and I have always found Daniel to be of the highest integrity and sincerity in his expanding conscious awareness.”

Hannah Mae

“Hi Daniel! I didn’t get to say thank you at the end of class today so I just wanted to say thank you for facilitating such a beautiful class today not only on basic technique but the underlying power and beauty in drumming. So grateful to have been able to be a part of it! Thank you soul much!!” ✨✨

Chris Colson

“I met Daniel at a dinner, we began to talk, and I was fascinated with him on the spot. He began to talk to me about … breathing. (I thought to myself, yes, I do that. I had no idea.) He invited me to do a breathing session with him the next day. Though fascinated and wide open to anything he wanted to show me, I didn’t know what was about to happen to me, but after one session I signed on for two more. And after two more, another, and then another. Unfortunately (and I mean VERY unfortunately, for a lot of reasons), I had to leave town, or I’d still be doing sessions (though Daniel showed me how to take it on the road). In the first session, he talked to me like the wise musical shaman that he is, and once again, I was riveted, body and soul.”

Helen Bendall Hughes

“In a world filled with individual thinking, winning and profit margins, finding a common pulse is challenging. But in Daniel’s classes, the magic happens! Regardless of the mood you are in when you enter his home, you leave knowing you are a valued member of a universal heart-beat that flows between music and people. Somewhere between rhythm and beat, you re-discover a deeper part of yourself and remember who you are. When Daniel connects this universal pulse to the human breath, it literally takes your breath away as you are transported inward, reunited with body and soul. It is an amazing awakening to a deeper understanding of our universal connection. Thank you!”

Gene Urban

“Daniel is a rare person. His passion is infectious and he is deeply involved in creating positive change. He is a master of many things and those around him are always inspired to new heights in their own lives.”

In addition to the retreat you will receive a
30-minute Zoom or phone session with Daniel
to be scheduled as soon as you have registered.

Event Details:

📅 Date: Friday, September 20th 7 PM to Sunday, 22nd 4:30 PM.

📍 Location: Empathy Center Santa Barbara, CA

⏰ Please arrive early! Registration and check-in time start at 4 PM. Meet and greet at 6 PM on Saturday. 7 PM start on time.

🏨The Empathy Center is located in the hills above Santa Barbara with breathtaking views and serene surroundings.

As the center, a former priest seminary is now in the process of reopening as The Empathy Center, one wing offers newly remodeled rooms, where accommodations are. The rooms are simple, utilitarian, and available at a very affordable cost ($60 per night in a shared room, $100 per night in a single room). Additional nights (one night before and one night after the event are available per request).

Please send us a separate email to office@danielhirtz.com to let us know of any roommate preference you have (for example: same sex only)

A local caterer will provide our meals.
Breakfast will include tea, coffee, muesli, fruit, nuts, yogurt, avocados, bread etc
Lunch and dinner: soup, main course, dessert, and beverages, vegetable centered cuisine, organic ingredients.
Healthy snacks will be available throughout the day.
There is no need to bring any food. Nourishing, beautiful food and beverages will be available to you for all meals.

Limited Spots Available – Reserve Your Place Today!

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Living Oneness Retreat


September 20th to 22nd 2024 at the Empathy Center in Santa Barbara, CA 

Prepared by Daniel Hirtz


The retreat begins on Friday evening with the opening session at 7 pm and closes on Sunday at 4:30 pm.

Sessions contain a balance between practice and reflection.
Practice sessions contain guided conscious breathing sessions including rhythm and movement, toning,
easy drum circles, guided energy awareness, group energy sessions, and energy “star”.

Reflection sessions are designed to ensure equal sharing time, reflective listening, and deep connection.


Arrival starts at 3 PM. 6 -  7 pm: Registration / Meet and greet. 
7 to 9:30 PM - Opening Session
Open music session


9 am: optional drum circle
1st session: 10 am - 12:30 pm
1 ½ hour lunch
2nd session: 2 - 4:30 pm
1 hour break 
3rd session: 5:30 - 8:00 pm
8:00 closing
Open music session


9 am: optional drum circle
1st session: 10 am - 12:30 pm
1 ½ hour lunch
2nd session: 2 - 4:30 pm


The retreat has a very full schedule into the evenings.
Please minimize non-related activities and use pauses to rest and reflect.
The retreat has a continuous arc that starts Friday at the first session and ends Sunday with the last session,
pauses are seen as part of the event.


  1. Give each participant time to be seen and heard.
  2. Tune the individual and collective body-mind system.
  3. Build an attuned energy field that helps us to integrate long-held patterns, rejuvenate our bodies, and expand our self-awareness.
  4. Access extraordinary states of consciousness (jump time) for a strong vision of what’s next in our lives.


  1. Comfortable clothes
  2. Blanket (optional)
  3. Yoga mat (optional)


  1. Stay with the energy throughout the whole event
  2. Openness, Empathy, and Mutuality
  3. Readiness to try something new
  4. Willingness to be a team player
  5. Keeping the schedule, showing up on time, keeping time


Early Bird
Event Registration

$275 USD
Save $100
(ends July 1st)

+ Single Room ($200)
+ All Meals ($135)


Early Bird
Event Registration

$275 USD
Save $100
(ends July 1st)

+ Shared Room ($120)
+All Meals ($135)


Early Bird
Event Registration

$275 USD
Save $100
(ends July 1st)

Food only


Early Bird
Event Registration Only

$275 USD
Save $100
(ends July 1st)


Meet Daniel Hirtz

I was lucky to be born into a family of art and music lovers. My parents started me on the piano early. Not any different than most children, I was not enthused about the need for practice, however, I loved the instrument. A gifted teacher opened the doors for me to deepen my passion, so when I had a serious accident at the age of thirteen, it was not only the loss of three of my fingers but also my dream to become a professional musician that shattered me.

Of course, my family rallied around me and offered all kinds of means of support, cheering up, and distraction. It was my beloved grandmother’s effort that made the most lasting impact on me. She introduced me to breathing exercises that she deemed helpful for my emotional healing. Little did she know that she started me on a lifelong journey – a journey that started slowly with some talking, some trying of this and that, and a little understanding of the effects of conscious breathing. My second passion began inconspicuously.

I attended a Waldorf school for 12 years which fosters, among other things, love for the arts and self-awareness. This environment allowed me I to continue to feel how making music was an inseparable part of myself, however difficult that was. Music was also omnipresent in our family. My grandma played the piano (I had played four hand pieces with her prior to my accident). My father filled our house with jazz and took me to concerts. My mom, who loved classical music, played the violin, the cello and flute, and my brother the guitar. It was part of my inner make-up to create music. But, even if I found an instrument I could play with seven fingers, was it possible to reach some level of mastery and become a performer – virtuosity probably being impossible? How important was mastery in music? Was there another musical goal for me than performing?

As a young adult, I found the tabla, a North Indian percussion instrument, consisting of two hand drums played independently with each hand. I fell in love with it and shortly thereafter also found a teacher. Traditional instruction of tabla is stringent and challenging as it is a very complex instrument. I started late, nevertheless very excitedly, and also thankful for my teacher for his willingness to see my musicality and desire first, and my handicap only second. 

Practicing tabla became an integral part of my life. Eager to catch up, I learned to enhance my practice with conscious breathing. As a rhythm instrument, the tabla opened new dimensions for me. During this time, I began experimenting with rhythmical breathing. I became very curious to learn more about breathing. I sought out several teachers and completed different certificate programs. I began to teach classes and give single sessions for Conscious Breathing.

Studying Religious Philosophy under Professor Arnold Keyserling at the Academy of Arts in Vienna, Austria, helped me place my personal experience of Rhythm and Breath in a bigger context. Professor Keyserling taught an all-encompassing understanding of life including various modalities like music and body awareness. I became part of the inner circle of his students and began my first teachings of Rhythm and Breath within this group.  I was the designated music teacher in his course called “Maieutik” (see book)

Simultaneously, I pursued my career as a performing artist as a founder and member of the multicultural percussion group Angklung. My experience on stage inspired me to hold large events called Breath and Music Celebrations where a percussion band, trained by me, supported the collective experience of larger groups of people breathing together. A highlight was for me when three of my Breathing Teachers, Guenther Griebl, Jim Leonard, and Dyana Yogi participated in the same Breath and Music Celebration in 1988 in Vienna.

Conscious breathing, making music, and the study of consciousness and energy were the three interests that drove my personal development and professional goals until a big move shifted some of my priorities.

After I moved to the United States, I added professional experiences in other industries. Together, my wife and I created two successful businesses – first an international network marketing company, then a vegan meal service. We owned each of them for over ten years.  

However, From the very rewarding experience of teaching Tabla to young children for over twenty years to teaching the basics of Conscious Breathing to students at a massage school, to working with neurodivergent children using drumming, to developing drum classes that help total beginners progress rapidly, to forming a new concept of how drum circles work, to refining my work with individual clients teaching Conscious Breathing, to designing classes around the connection od Breath, Music, and Energy, to creating a workshop experience designed to make our energetic connection tangible, I have been fortunate to explore how can I both be of most service to my clients while I learn and expand my consciousness. 

I felt the greatest sense of accomplishment when I launched “Breathe For Peace”: a piece of musical art that synthesizes different modalities – music, the rhythmical breathing of over 200 people in 10 distinctly different pieces, and meditation.

Join us for this life changing experience of Living Oneness

Register before July 1st and save $100!